Handy Tools

From time to time — or should I say, rather often — you need to print out or export to PDF not the whole document, but only certain pages. You can do that in Adobe InDesign by specifying the numbers of pages in the Page Range field of the Print or PDF Export dialog box. However, Adobe InDesign doesn’t provide the option available in many other applications: printing out or exporting to PDF of the selected pages only. Surely, it would be so much nicer to select the pages you need, and then to use the command Print/Export Selected Pages.

The Handy Tools plugin lets you easily add this feature to Adobe InDesign. It adds two items, “Print” and “Export to PDF”, to the Pages submenu; when no pages are selected, those menu items stay inactive.

If you select some pages and then use the new commands, you’ll get a standard Print or PDF Export dialog box, where the specified option is selected, and the required page range is already entered in the Page Range field. From this point on, the printing or export goes as usual.

Selecting pages with the same color label
Select one or more pages with the same color label in the pages palette. Select the context menu item “Select Pages with the Same Label.” The plugin will select in the palette all the pages having the same color label. Now, using HandyTools, you can print out the selected pages or export them to PDF.

Сlear tables overrides
As you know, styling imported tables with InDesign table styles is not an easy task - they virtually don't work as expected until you manually remove all overrides in the table - table style overrides, cell style overrides, paragraph style overrides, character style overrides. Pretty long list, and a lot of clicks - especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of tables. New handy feature in HandyTools allows for clearing all overrides in all document tables with a single click! Or, if you want to clean only some tables or stories - just select them before processing. There's also an option to apply "[Basic Table]" style to unstyled tables.